Goodbye ABC

Before I discovered Baquey, I used to visit the ABC Book & Comic Emporium on Granville between Broadway and Fir. Every couple of weeks I’d browse the cluttered, barely- and badly-organized shelves looking for nothing in particular while waiting for my always-later-than-promised-to-be-ready takeout order from the Chinese restaurant next door. Remember when there used to be a cat trolling the aisles?

Steve told me recently that ABC was shuttering up shop for good, and yesterday I went to see for myself. I left with 19 new secondhand books. Pynchon, Lethem, Franzen, two DeLillos, Yann Martel, Marilynne Robinson (x2), Eco, Chabon, Murakami, Potok, Murakami again, one Ellis, and some nonfiction. Total cost: $99.

Every time a bookstore closes an angel gets his wings clipped.

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